More parts arrive…

The postal service has brought me a nice large box of goodies. I ordered a few things from the frozen lands of the north. Ok not really very far north, but frozen anyway. Iowa to be specific and Karen, the person I spoke with to get a invoice for the combined cost of the 5 items and shipping to Maui missed a day of work because her car wouldn’t start. Brrr, I think it was 78 degrees that day here.
Being 2000 miles from the mainland, shipping is a significant expense and I take every advantage to save a bit. Amazon has free super saving shipping which is great but they don’t have a lot of parts needed for this project.
Ebay seller gonefishing69 seemed to have a good selection of parts I could use. I bought a new manual steering rack for a Ford Mustang II, apparently a popular choice for Hot Rod projects. It came with tie rod ends and mounting hardware. I chose a stainless steel cylindrical tank for the radiator reservoir. A proportioning valve and a 2 lb. residual pressure valve round out the brake parts and I chose red seat belts to complement the yellow/orange color scheme I’ve picked for the paint job.
Not very exciting but every bit brings me closer to completion.