Dawn of a new year

The convertible sprang a few leaks in the coolant system, so several coolant pipes had to be replaced. Upgraded actually, to a larger, later mode’s pipesl for better cooling. That’s done and it’s back outside so the BMW is next on the list of cars for the lift.

Lots of new parts are sitting in boxes waiting their turn but first come the disassembly followed by rust repair and painting.  There are still things to found and purchased. A big item is replacement carpet as the floors pieces are gone. Coco mats might do for a while till the right replacement is found. There is a range of quality available with the twin-tone German look being the most expensive. But that will be icing on the cake, so no need to worry about it now.

Austin weather has turned cold this week and there may actually be snow and ice to deal with, but I’ll get Hedwig (the E9) into the garage as soon as I can manage.


I’ve gotten the convertible in the garage that’s been on the lift for a year running and legal. It still needs a few things, but now can move to the driveway and let the garage service other cars. Our daily drivers need some maintenance, one has an oil leak and a bad guibo. The other smells of gas when getting off the highway.

After those immediate needs are addressed….. The restoration of the E9 can begin!