New sources

I have found several new sources for parts and knowledge about the E9 coupes.

I have yet to find anything critical that the car needs that isn’t still available. There will be something, I’m sure I’ll have to do without, or update with a more modern part, but an advantage of having a pretty complete car is that I’m not needing some hard to find bit. I did find that in spite of having a panel with A/C controls in the trunk, the car never did have air conditioning. It’s good that I have the panel, since apparently it and the switches are hard to come by. One retailer sells a full kit for installing A/C, but it’s an eye watering $2500. Still, I had expected to update the cooling from R12 if it did have it and in Texas, it’s almost a necessity if you want to drive your car in the summer. Starting fresh with new and rebuilt components will ensure trouble free use, I hope. about later coupes

I’ve added a long list of links to the links page, some are not working, I’ll check them and delete the bad ones over time.

It’s about timing

I’ve recently found the correct instructions for setting the timing on an M30 engine. I had used the marks in the front of the engine, which are a bit cryptic and actually only indicate TDC.
Fortunately, the M30 was used in a number of cars and I have found a couple of sites with useful information about the engine and it’s settings.

I found the correct information for setting the timing using the timing marks on the flywheel at the back of the engine on after following a link on It’s easier with two people, but not hard and should only take a few minutes. I’ve not had a chance to open the hood and actually do it as we have had all-time record rains this month and the month before causing the BMW X3 to leak around its rear doors and some house leaks as well. I will be going to Missouri in a week or two to deal with ancient family vehicles, including a 1941 Dodge WC-21 and M-29 Weasel.

Here’s the actual page for setting the timing:

I’m chomping at the bit to get the E9 into the garage and start work, but parts must be purchased, shelves constructed, a work bench moved in and other assorted house details completed before I can begin. There is a meet of local BMW guys in October that I hope to be able to bring the car to, but that is looking unlikely at this point.