Each day this isn’t done, is another day I couldn’t drive it.

Well, It’s been over a year since I moved the car into the garage. In that time I have completed erecting the carport and dealt with the drainage and landscaping around the driveway. The landscaping project has spread a bit further into the front yard, so I’m not quite done with that yet.

Then I’ll build a storage shed out of surplus materials I have collected so I have a place to put the parts I remove from Hedwig during her restoration. Then, I’ll be really able to wrench on the E9. Whew.

The recent passing of my sister’s father-in-law is a reminder that we don’t have all the time in the world. Priorities must be set. So, with renewed vigor, I hope to make great progress in the remainder of this year.

By the way, the carport does keep the garage much cooler and provides some working space outdoors that isn’t blasted by the sun. It wasn’t a cheap or simple project, but I’ll say it was worth it.