About the Morgan replica build

This is a blog about the ins and outs of building a replica Morgan Three Wheeler on the island of Maui. I’ve been wanting to build something for a while to take a advantage of the wonderful weather and nice roads we have here in Hawaii and have decided that a motorcycle powered car is just about the right size both for building in the space I have and for low fuel consumption driving to work.

My dad had a 1935 Super Sport Morgan with a Matchless engine. It was a beauty. I’ve seen several kits out there that come quite close to matching the style and grace of the original Super Sports, the JZR and Triking are the top models. There are a number of engine alternatives, the Moto Guzzi engine seeming to be the best choice, but the Honda CX500 and CX650 are a close second. BMW and 2CV builds are also a possibility, but neither of them are in any great quantity here in the middle of the Pacific. And the look of the 2CV engine is not acceptable to me. It’s awkward looking, clearly not designed to be hanging out uncovered in the front of a car.

As luck would have it, within days of spotting the JZR builds on the internet, I found a CX650 engine for sale on Craig’s List a few miles away for a mere $25 so I snapped it up. Got a bill of sale, but no title, so I’ll have to make sure it wasn’t wrested from its rightful owner before building it into a car. That paperwork chase will be the subject of the next few entries.

So, read along and let’s see how this project progresses.

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