Parts is parts

I’m moving forward with the collection of parts for the drivetrain. The bits between the engine and wheel are missing. Drive shaft, brakes, U-joint and other things need to be sourced. I’ve been checking both Craig’s List and Ebay but only Ebay has anything consistently. I’m hoping to find another non-running Honda to use for parts, but they seem to be quite scarce here. I’ve ordered the sections of the drive shaft (there are three parts), drive gear hub, shifter rod, brake plate, swing arm, tachometer and others. The mail man will be bringing a lot of this car, bit by bit.

Finding the bits will be almost as much fun as the actual construction. I’ll have to make, or have made, changes to some of the parts. The drive shaft will have to extended considerably and hopefully a reverse gear mechanism added. The rear brake will need to have an auxiliary slave cylinder added to it can participate in the hydraulic braking action of the car instead of relying on the two front wheels.

These and countless other things will have to be planned and created. I’m hoping it will take less than a year. We’ll see.

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